Online Stability

Well it’s spring here in Portland, Oregon, and that means the weather is changing every hour. Dealing with the constant changes is challenging!

Handling the various trends that wash through the internet is challenging as well. Keeping your customers and clients engaged long term can seem overwhelming, however there are a few basic steps you can take to weather the storms of internet interest.

The key is to “touch” them regularly and to do so offline as well as online.

–Create a blog and post on a specific schedule. Weekly, monthly – whatever works best for you. By having routine blog posts you generate an expectation from your end users. If you include valuable information or special sale opportunities in your blog posts then your readers will have a sense of anticipation that will keep their focus on your business.

–Collect email addresses and do a monthly emailing. Call it a newsletter, or an update, or whatever fits your company’s branding. By showing up in your client’s inbin you’re generating another “touch” and bringing your company and its services or product once again front of mind.

–Once a quarter, pick up the phone and call your major clients. If you feel that your business is slipping a bit, call all your clients. Check in on how they’re doing, let them know you’re there for what they need, and point out a relevant bit of info on your site that may be useful to them.

–Once a year, send a physical card through the mail to all your clients. Include a branded item if you can.

Some of these steps may be obvious, however it’s also true that most businesses are skipping these basic ways to keep themselves front of mind for their customers. Invest a bit of time and effort and you’ll have loyal clients that stick for years.

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